Sunday, November 20, 2005

Abu Dhabi (re)recursive blog moment

I'm in Abu Dhabi at the Higher Colleges of Technology, participating in the eMerging eLearning conference, courtesy of my friend and neighbor Jay Cross.

Next to me is XPlane's Dave Gray, who just blogged about Jay's post about Macromedia's Ellen Wagner, who just told a story about being blogged during a corporate presentation.

Recursive enough for you?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wish List: A real househunting app

Paul Rademacher's mashup of Google Maps and Craigslist is elegant and useful, but it's just a start. Excellent that you can see Craigslist houses for rent in the zone you like, within certain price ranges, showing pictures and full listings at the flick of a pinkie. It's a great start.

If you're actually on a househunt, wouldn't it be useful to:
A few sites do help find school information, comparable sales prices, crime statistics and other useful information, but I haven't seen the app that focuses on the househunter's process.

Don't wait for REALTORs to bring this to us. They see how powerful the Net is, but somehow, they must think it doesn't serve them to offer customers this much power. More likely, a few Paul Rademachers, hacking away in their pyjamas, will eventually put this together.

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