Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Heartening art article

Today's New York Times describes a joint venture between George Eastman House and the International Center of Photography that will eventually join and make electronically accessible their photo collections (NYT site requires registration). The site, currently just a prototype, will be

More! More!

I got mad years ago when Bill Gates bought the Bettman Archive and added it to the already-huge Corbis collection, all behind gates (pun clearly intended).

(Here's a post by David Weinberger, who recently got to tour the actual Bettman Archive.)

BTW, I got a call from a reporter when Bettman was bought, and I bluffed my way through half the call (what the hell's the Batman collection??), until I confessed to ignorance about it. Gave us both a great laugh.

It's World Jump Day. Ready, set...

Want to try to move the Earth into a new orbit? Head to the World Jump Day site, enter your location and find out what second you should jump.

If you're in San Francisco, that time is 7:39:13 tonight.

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