Thursday, May 22, 2003

Harvest some grassroots news at

I love having inventive and productive friends. Two others, Mitch Ratcliffe and Howard Greenstein (with some other folks' participation), have just launched, a multiparty weblog designed to get as close to real news events as possible by inviting people with firsthand knowledge to post their experiences and opinions.

Photos + wikis = Fotowiki

My friend Greg Elin has taken his idea of annotating photographs online, mixed in the essence of wiki, and produced a simple, elegant, expressive application he calls Fotowiki. It's one of those power tools you can easily envision using yourself.

Cellphones + cameras = a moblogging conference

My friend Gen Kanai just moved to Tokyo with Sony, where one of his first activities is to help launch the First Annual Moblogging Conference. One can only imagine the quantity of interesting small photos that will come out of the event.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

My Brain's back online!

I've described elsewhere my uses of TheBrain's PersonalBrain software. Long ago, I used to publish my Brain datafile online, so others might use it. The only way to view my data then was to install the PersonalBrain yourself. My Brain got too big for TheBrain's servers (or so I'd like to think), so they took them down.

Recently, TheBrain's Harlan Hugh made a version of their enterprise product, BrainEKP, available openly on the Web, with my data in it. It's a Java applet, so there's no regular application to install. Just click here.

To bookmark a particular thought in my online Brain or send a reference to someone else, use, where n is the number you see in the e-mail address when you view the Properties tab for that thought. It's a little complicated, but it works just fine.

For example, these links should take you to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the Pareto Principle, Umami and the Dimensions of Communication.

Have fun!

Two disk crashes later...

Woo-hoo! My online life was severely disrupted over the past month by two hard-drive crashes.

The first was clearly a dying hard drive. IBM technicians managed to rescue my data by copying the drive to a new one before it gave up the ghost. Five days later: second crash, only worse. No limping drive. Of course, no recent backup. All my backup gear is scattered around the globe. Technicians at Bedford Micro, a San Francisco sales and repair place that Zack Lynch recommended, worked their magic and recovered my data the second time. Still a mystery why it happened. No signs of a virus, no evidence of hardware failure.

Oh, well. It's good to be back. I guess I could've blogged and such without my PC, given how Blogger works, but when your flow is disrupted... you know what I mean? Instead, I chewed through pads of quadrille paper. Now I'm transfering those notes online.

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